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Course 4 of 3D Digital Product Creation Certificate: Capstone in Digital Product Creation

Time limit: 180 days

$800 Enroll

Full course description

Capstone in Digital Product Creation is the final of the 4 courses in the 3D Digital Product Creation Certificate.

Prerequisite: Advanced Digital Product Creation, all modules in Course 3 must be successfully completed before enrolling in Course 4.

Software Needed: VStitcher - 3D Fashion Design Software, other software may be needed**


Advance your skills and focus your individual path as an artist, designer or tech designer.   

Choose one track to complete your certificate:


Technical designer  - important to have a grasp of skills required. 

         Assess fit using 3D garment sample utilizing 3D fit maps and modifying patterns as needed

         Adjust fabric physics properties to appropriately represent drape, layers, friction, etc.

         Execute placement and dimensions of artwork and embellishments

         Place seams and trims on 3D samples and manipulate to mimic physical garment

         Communicate fit intent across size sets and grade patterns

         Troubleshooting 3D stitching, 3D garment arrangement and/or simulation issues



         Digital asset identification for development needs

         Use 3D apparel software internal rendering tools & external rendering programs

         3D apparel software internal 3D styling tools

         Creating digital material & color palettes and multiple colorways

         Sketching/drawing using Bezier curves

         Manipulating pose/aesthetics of digital forms/avatars


Artist should have a good grasp of 3D design along with other softwear to help create the lighting and environments needed for web or other media

       Use 3D apparel software internal rendering tools & external rendering programs

       3D apparel software internal 3D styling tools

       Post process 3D modeling & aesthetic manipulation

       Digital application of light principles/effects to 3D samples

       Create dye effects and material attributes with map, lighting, and material property manipulation based on a reference sample.

       Applications of material textures & physics, trims, artwork & embellishment


Learn the fundamentals of 3D digital product creation for apparel.  This certification is designed for those in the industry who are interested in reskilling or advancing their skills.  Each of the four courses are offered online to be completed at your own pace.  You have the opportunity to start and stop as needed, each course has 6+ modules to complete.

**Browzwear access is required for this course. If you do not have access to Browzwear, you can purchase a license at this link: Browzwear Marketplace Listing 
This is a one-time fee as long as you continue with the training courses.  If you have a lapse of more than 4 weeks without notifying the instructor you will be removed from the account and will need to purchase the license again.