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Teacher Candidate Training : Trauma-Responsive Teaching and Legal Issues in Education



Full course description

This training covers topics that are vitally important to your role as an educator. The first two modules focus on trauma-responsive pedagogy, and module three examines the importance of recognizing and responding to evidence of child abuse. Module four provides information about the symptoms of substance abuse in teens and young adults, and the final module offers an overview of the legal issues and decisions that have historically impacted public education policy in the United States.

Trauma-responsive practices are based on an understanding of how trauma can affect the learning and development of students, and they emphasize creating an environment that is supportive and safe. Trauma-responsive schools focus on building resiliency and helping students develop the skills they need to successfully manage their emotions and behaviors. They also provide resources and support for students, including mental health services, academic supports, and activities designed to promote social-emotional learning. By creating a trauma-informed school environment, educators can help students heal and create a positive learning experience for all.

Once the modules are completed and you have demonstrated mastery by earning a perfect score on each quiz, you will be credited with completion of this requirement for certification. The State Department of Education will be notified that you have successfully completed the training and have developed the specific skills embedded in each of the subjects included in the modules.


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